Shafayet Imam

Accomplished C-Suite Subject Matter Expert & Speaker – Cybersecurity Protection Management, Data Security, SaaS Optimization.


Shafayet Imam is an award-winning IT executive to Fortune 100 and 500 companies, and a subject matter expert in defining and implementing organizational cybersecurity management framework and data security.

Shafayet is sought-after by consulting and research firms – such as McKinsey & Company, and Ernst & Young – as an industry expert; and is an advisor on several joint collaborations between private sector IT leaders and government intelligence agencies in the US. He also lectures and provides mentorship in local universities.

With a background in software engineering enterprise architecture, Shafayet’s career expands over several industries including Financial Services, Healthcare, and Insurance. Having worked his way up from a programmer to the C-Suite table, Shafayet has successfully delivered ROI-driven, multimillion dollar engagements across multi-country implementations – with just-in-time, innovative, and pragmatic solutions. His expertise covers cybersecurity management programs, secure SaaS solutions, and modern data integrations.

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Past Speaking Engagements

A distinguished speaker, some of Shafayet's past speaking engagements have included the following:


IBM Connect

Speaking on topics covering Cybersecurity protection and organizational posture for complex systems and infrastructure using common sense management and integrated/orchestrated solutions, in Financial and Healthcare industries.

Business Process Excellence  Conference for Finance

Speaking on topics covering Data Security in multi-party data sharing and data integrations.

Tampa Bay Technology Leadership Forum

Speaking to multi-industry C-suite leaders on current state of  Cybersecurity threats, actors, and attack vectors, as well as emerging attack prevention, remediation, and organizational protective posture. 

University of Tampa

Speaking to student body and education staff on emerging Cybersecurity protection and infiltration landscape, as well as emerging threat protective management and best-practice.

Weekly Clubhouse sessions

Discussing  numerous topics surrounding IT Leaders' best-practice towards implementing Cybersecurity protective posture.



Using unique audience engaging techniques, and research-based data, Shafayet helps to cut through the noise and speaks passionately on topics such as:

Management & Protection

Cybersecurity protective posture beyond the usual – how to cut through all the confusing noise to better understand  why only implementing email and network security, some anti-virus tools, and training people on phishing; are not enough to keep cyberattacks and data breaches at bay.  What else needs to be done.

Data Security

Data Security – unique techniques that prevent data breaches in an increasingly complex world of multi-system and multi-party SaaS solutions.  Understanding the common sense measure and learning the emerging techniques to make it more difficult for cybercriminals to steal /ransom your data.


Audio and Handout Content on

Four Key Ingredients on how Data Breaches happen

Shafayet speaks on these additional topic titles:

  • 'How To Reduce Your Chances of a Data Breach' (monthly search rate 500)
  • 'Four Key Ingredients on How Data Breaches Happen' (monthly search rate 260)
  • 'Ransomware And Malware Are Not the Only Threats to Your Cybersecurity' (monthly search rate 510)
  • 'What Every CEO Needs To Know To Prevent Ransomware' (monthly search rate 340)
  • 'How To Avoid, Prevent and Stop Ransomware' (monthly search rate 540)
  • 'What Every Company Must Do After a Data Breach' (monthly search rate 290)


How to Prevent a Data Breach

A Data Breach is a multi-headed beast, and this beast is growing strong by leaps and bounds in its capability to cause monetary damage as well at the ways it can attack the most sensitive of data. There is no silver bullet solution for this is problem, furthermore, there are no one-set of controls to keep this beast at bay.  

Below you can Download a guide detailing 6 organizational critical control areas and 28 specific key factors across the controls, an organization should implement to achieve effective insight and protection against data breaches.

What every CEO needs to know to prevent Ransomware

In this discussion we look at 4 foundational layers of proven management approach that every C-Suite leader needs to know to implement better than adequate controls in Cybersecurity protection and posture to prevent Ransomware.

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